The Girl is All Blessings*

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By: Sheikh Ahmad ibn Abdel-Razzaq ibn Muhammad Al-Ibrahim

The Arabs, in pre-Islamic era, were freely practicing a very vicious custom of killing the female newborns by burying them alive.  Allah says in the Qura'an regarding this issue: "And when one of them (Father) was given the news of the female newborn, his face would turn gloomy and dark with anger. He (father) tries to hides himself from the people because of the disgrace of such news. Will he keep the newborn despite the disgrace or bury it alive? How sinful is their judgment!"




 This continued to happen till the rise of the Light of the Message of Islam, spread of the sacred knowledge and the diminishing of ignorance; after that, the hearts that are connected with its natural extinct had to accept the choice God had made for them and accept it with approval.

However, it breaks the heart and puts tears in the eyes to see, in our time, another age of ignorance that when one is given the news of the female newborn, his face frowns and darkens with shame!

Immediately, he starts rebuking, cursing and blaming his wife as if it were her fault!

Did not such people know that the girl is all blessings?

Yes! She is all blessings!

Actually every female is blessing*

Ponder with me…

Life is "She"**, and people serve it and love it!

Earth is "She"**, and from it man created, and on it he lives!

The sky is "She"**, and its ornamented with planets and beautified with the stars!

The Clouds is "She"**, and from it water comes down to drink and to survive!

Paradise is "She"**, and it’s the promise for people of taqwa, and a comfort for the believers!

Hell is "She"**, and it's a haven for disbelievers and a punishment for the tyrants!

My friend, neither your anger nor objection to the news when you received was going to change the order of Allah.

Didn’t you know that Allah started with them when he said: "He (Allah) grants whomever he wills females, and whomever he wills males."?

How you dare to consider the grant of Allah a shame? How terribly you judge? How ignorant are you of the reward? Even the language (of the Qura'an) you don’t understand!

SAY when you hear you are having a girl:

Welcome with whom Allah started his verse; welcome with the mother; welcome with the wife, welcome with the daughter; welcome with the caretaker of the generations to come; welcome!

Say: may Allah make you amongst the dedicated worshippers; may Allah make from the righteous, chaste and modest.

Didn’t you hear the story of the Bedouin who had two wives; one of the wives gave birth to a boy and the other to a girl in the same year.

One day, the boy's mother wanted to make the other wife jealous that she has the boy so she starts playing with her boy and chanting:

I thank Allah too much who saved me from having a girl this year, who (the girl) can bring no protection to her family.

When the girl's mother heard that, she went on chanting:

What's wrong with having a girl? She would help me with things, and serve me as I wish! Till she becomes mature enough, I dress her with the beautiful clothes, and marry her to Marwan or Mu'awiyyah; honorable in-laws and great dowries!

When Marwan heard of it, he proposed and married the girl with 100,000 dirham so he would fulfill her mother's wish.  Mu'awiyyah said when he heard what Marwan did: if Marwan didn’t get to her before us, we would’ve proposed and offered the double of the dowry, however, we will still send the double as a gift.

Do you see how when the mother accepted the choice Allah made for her, how Allah provided for her generously and got her daughter to marry Marwan ibn Al-Hakam who became the khalifah after that.

Last, reported by Al-Imaam Ahmad may Allah have mercy on him, the Abu Hurayra may Allah be pleased with him said: the messenger peace be upon him said: "Whoever has three daughters, and he is patient on their needs, sadness and happiness, Allah will admit him into paradise for his mercy to his daughters.  A man asked the messenger peace be upon him: what is about having two daughters? The messenger peace be upon him said: the same with two.  A man asked the messenger peace be upon him: what is about having one daughter? The messenger peace be upon him replied: even if one daughter." Authentic hadith.

Finally, we ask Allah to send his blessings on the messenger peace be upon him.

*A letter written to the family of a woman whose husband wanted to divorce her after he found out she is having a girl.

**In Arabic, when it comes to objects, there is gender designation.  Words mentioned in this article are treated as feminine; such as Earth, Clouds, Paradise and Hell.

By: Sheikh Ahmad ibn Abdel-Razzaq ibn Muhammad Al-Ibrahim

Teacher at Al-Qira'at Institute

Director of Lataef Qura'aniyyah page and Malek Allu'lu' on Facebook