Just Trust Allah

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Many Muslim fellows approach me to seek some advice on how to solve their problems from sharia perspective, issues like parents, spouses, children, business and even friends.  What extremely concerns me about all the complaints is the lack of trust in Allah as well as the deficiency in the understanding of the Sunan "laws" of Allah that he has set in this world.
What do I mean by that? I always, when approached, feel that the brother or sister expects a magical solution for his or her problem!  There is a lot of dependence and reliance on the means, and there is clear forgetfullness of the causer of all these means. In other words, the one who allows these means to be functional.  When wanting to solve our problems, we want a recipe of one two three and wow the problem solved. It doesn't work like that. There is dire need for Muslims to understand that it is Allah who can solve their problems, and that's only by understanding his Sunan. 
If it all had to do with the means, then tell me how prophet Ibrahim "Abraham" peace be upon was saved from the fire?Ismael peace be upon him from the knife? Yunus (jinah) peace be upon him from the whale? Moses peace be upon him from Pharoh by the splitting of the sea? Isa (Jesus) peace be upon him from the Jews? and our beloved prophet peace be upon hi
From Quraysh?
Recently, a dear brother I know very well had a divorce from his seven or eight years convert wife. He had a daughter from her. When his wife took him to court for divorce, she took off her hijaab infront of the judge and said that she didn't believe in his (husband) God anymore. Remember, after seven or eight years of being Muslim, at the age of thirty three. So she left Islam, and surely had the custody of the daughter. The father is so worried how in the world his daughter would be raised with such woman!  Tell me, is there a solution you can think of? It doesn't matter what you come up with; the chance that you will come with a solution that will gurantee an Islamic upbringing for this three years-old girl is very minimal. Listen to this! Two months after leaving Islam, and at the age of thirty three, she overdoses on diet pills and dies! Yes. She dies. He just needed to drive to his ex-wife's family's house to pick up his daughter without any clothes on and SAVE her from the hellfire!  So before you knock on any door, knock the doors of heaven; they are the widest.