Lost Wisdom

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Allah has blessed this ummah with God-fearing scholars who, because of their sincerity to their Lord, were able to bring us the most beneficial knowledge to help us in every aspect of our lives. It can be disconcerting to receive emails from Muslims who sign their messages with a quote from a non-Muslim without realizing the wisdom our beloved messenger and those scholars left for us to use and benefit from. Although fitting for these words to be written in gold, the least we can do for one another is enlighten ourselves and our brothers with these life lessons. It is so necessary to shed light on this brilliant wisdom so that we may learn and appreciate from this blessed endowment.
Lessons in Humility

Abu Bakr Alshibly mentioned in his will: “If you wanted to see the Dunya (material world we live in) then look at a dumpster. If you want to see yourself, then take a handful of dirt, because from it you were created, to it you will return, and from it you will come back again. So whoever accepts this, then he has no right to show off or think he is better than others.”

Malek Ibn Dinar saw one of the elites walking with arrogance, so he screamed at him to walk normally. The guards almost attacked Malek, so the prince stopped them and said to Malek: ”Maybe you don’t know me!” Malek said: “Of course I do. Who knows you better than I?! Your start is a sperm, and your end is a carcass, and in between you carry within you the waste!” So the prince lowered his head and walked away.

Lessons in Obedience and Submission

Yousuf Ibn Alhusayn asked Dhu-Nnoon when he was departing: “Who should I sit with?” Dhu-Nnoon said: “Sit with one when looking at him, he reminds you of Allah, increases your respect to him (the person). When talking to him, he adds to your knowledge. His actions make you detach more from the dunya. Being with him prevents you from disobeying your Lord. His advices are spoken through his actions before his tongue.”