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From the Editor:
If the Muslim community wants to grow, then they will have to do two things: choose their leaders then hold them accountable.
SOME of the individuals who are leading our masajid (mosques) are people who are somehow born into those positions. We really do not understand how they got there or when; I mean, it is more complicated to prove than the Theory of Evolution (which will never be proven). A lot of these brothers who are in authority positions suffer from a phenomenon I would diagnose and call Shura-philia. I personally know masajid, and I am sure every one of you does know a masjid or two that have had the same people in charge for the last ten or fifteen years, which is not a problem by itself; but when the level of change in such organizations is almost to the freezing point then something wrong is going on.
The people who are in charge of our masajid should be a group of individuals with different expertise who are able to coordinate among themselves to take the community to its prime potential.  In addition to that, they should be at a level of Islamic knowledge and reputation that would make people willing to listen and follow.   Today, we have Shura members who do not show up to the masjid except when there is a Shura meeting or Eid prayer. We have other Shura members who do not know the difference between the tenants of Islam and those of Iman. We have Individuals who are in charge of some of our masajid who own and run business that sell Alcohol, pork and lottery tickets, and God forbid the Imams of those masajid talk about these issues. Another type that really kills me is the type that will stop every endeavor to improve the masjid and every activity that will teach the people their religion with the excuse that “we are doing just fine” or “we are afraid that these brothers want to take over.” These people are stuck in a mode of “Keep it as is”. Well, No more. 
We need to start choosing the people who can influence and change the circumstances, individuals who are possessed by the deen and its affairs, individuals who want to give their hearts for the Da`ua and the deen of Allah.
Every small community, whether it is of a masjid, school or organization, needs to stand up, speak out and start holding those individuals accountable for their actions; those who are doing good to be praised and those who failed to be reprimanded. We have masajids that been collecting money and conducting fundraisers for at least the last fifteen years to build an Islamic school; until this very moment, no school to be found. According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, the Great Pyramid in Giza took 20 years to construct! We have the utmost right to align them all together and ask them why? Where? How? And When?
I feel the issue has to do of having no regards to us, the community members, and that they swim in their own constellation. By the will of Allah, this era is over, and we will hold the torch of making sure that the affairs of the Muslims in our small community are dealt with transparency and honesty. If you belong to a masjid that you think have one or more of these problems, do not hesitate to share with us so we can address and try to figure out how to resolve it.
Finally, a reminder to those brothers and sisters who chose to be in such positions, we tell them: We do not envy you! We actually feel pity for you. You will understand exactly why when you read the next two authentic hadiths of our beloved messenger peace be upon him.
When Abu Dhar may Allah be pleased with him asked the messenger peace be upon him to delegate him over an area, the messenger peace be upon him refused and told him that he was weak (to be in charge) and it would be grief and regret, on the day of judgment, for he who does not handle it appropriately. [Sahih Muslim] Also, the messenger peace be upon him has been reported to say: No man who gets to be in charge of ten people or more but will come on the day of judgment with his arm chained to his neck; he will either be set free, from the chains, by his righteousness or more chained due to his negligence (of the trust); the beginning of it (the trust) is blame, the middle is regret and the end is humiliation on the day of judgment. [Sahih Al-Ttarghib] So after these warnings from the messenger peace be upon him, no one who chose or was elected to be a shura member or imam should be able to rest if he had neglected his obligations and duties.
Next up…an article dedicated to discussing the situation of our imams.