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Inviting to Allah was the mission of the prophets-peace be upon them. It then became the mission of those who followed them throughout the years. Allah only sent prophets who would tell their people to worship Allah: (Worship your Lord; you have no lord other than him), so after the main purpose behind creation was established, the changes to the different aspects of life, from economical to social to political followed.


The job of those who invite to Allah and those who want to establish the religion on earth again is to educate people and make them more aware of their religion and then guide and help them through it. Due to the darkness and lack of destination that has invaded the Muslims and their societies; we decided to establish this magazine to try, again, to revive the sense of belonging as well as the pure knowledge of this great religion.
Our religion is a way of life, and one of the goals of this publication is to connect the Muslims back to the whole religion, rather than just the spiritual aspect of it, without minimizing the importance of the talks that take place in our mosques and conferences. We still need to take advantage of the developments in media and technology that will enable us to reach more people and enter more homes. 
When Allah addresses this society, the Muslims, to be the best of societies, he makes that conditional on the fact that we have to establish good and forbid evil and believe in him. If we fail to fulfill those conditions, then indeed our situation will continue to deteriorate and become more complicated.
As we previously stated, we will try to get to the reader the correct knowledge from the Qura`an and Sunnah, the correct understanding of it without complicating or oversimplifying and attempt to establish the sense of urgency to change. 
We make no claims that our magazine is without error, as it is human nature to make unintentional mistakes, but we adopt the mentality of our ancestors as mentioned by the saying of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: “Returning to the truth is better than proceeding with the falsehood.” We do not claim that we are the ONLY representative of Islam, nor we undermine any effort to serve the same purpose.
Our methodology in this magazine is to stick to the authentic proof from the Holy Qura’an and Sunnah of the messenger-peace be upon him. “O Allah, do not misguide our hearts after you have guided us, and grant us mercy from you.”